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'TELL-TAILS ®' is a ready made cracking movement monitor that can measure the speed and direction of movement in any building or structure.

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ARCHImedia are the experts in Forensic Architecture and Building Disputes.

We specialise in Building Inspections and Building Reports for new homes existing homes and those under construction. We also do ‘Due Diligence’ Reports on commercial buildings.

If you have a building defect, you’re in a dispute with your builder or neighbour who you believe is causing damage to your building, ARCHImedia can conduct an inspection and prepare a report for you. We are the highest qualified in the industry.

Are you worried about a crack that has appeared or water entering your building?

Has your builder missed something important when he built your house.

Have your insurer’s refused your claim and you don’t know why?

Are you a builder who has pride in his work but the client just doesn’t think the work is good enough. Why not consider an independent inspection from the highest qualified building consultants around. It could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of valuable time.

These are all good reasons to have a qualified building inspection and report by ARCHImedia.

If you are an ‘owner-builder’ and you’re selling your home, you may need a 137B report before you can sell the house. ARCHImedia can carry out this inspection for you speedily.

Australian Society of Building Consultants Australian Institute of Building Master Builders Association The Royal Australian Institute of Architecture Registered Building Practitioner