The building business is complex and full of problems.

Bad workmanship or materials, a disagreement over expectations or a failure to meet the demands of a contract, builders, tradesman, owners and developers are frequently at odds about their buildings.

It's when things go wrong that you need someone with the right expertise to ensure that the dispute is contained and managed.

You may need some good legal advice but you will almost certainly need expert building advice. This is not the time to be asking your friendly builder or architect to see if they can help out. This is the time when you need an expert to step in and address the issues that have driven the project off the rails.

ARCHImedia has been recognised as one of Australia's leading companies, specialising in building faults, failures and defects in the building industry. Our services range from third part intervention and process resolution to expert witness services and we have one of Australia's leading experts heading our organisation.

If you are concerned about the building work on your project, if the contract is in tatters and you are in dispute or if you are heading into a courtroom to press your case, you need good, independent, expert advice. ARCHImedia are the foremost experts in this area of the dispute process and can offer you the highest qualified expert advise.

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